Sterilization gloves


Specially designed for sterilization autoclaves, automobile industry, glass, metal, aluminium, rubber, rubber, plastic, and in general where good mechanical and thermal protection is required. It shall not be used for object manipulation at a temperature above 350 Cº and liquids or chemicals. Not be used when wet. Do not use it with risk of flame.             


Seamless glove knitting weaving plain knit, gauge 7 (7 needless per inch), 5 passes per cm. Ambidextrous. The glove is made of textured polyester (230, 40 tex) and reprocessed (200 tex) cotton. The inside cuff area is elasticied thread.               uante tricotado sin costuras, tejido de punto liso, galga 7 (7 agujas por pulgada), 5 pasadas por cm., ambidiestro.


UNE – EN 420: 2004 + A1: 2010 + ERRATUM : 2010

UNE – EN 388: 2004

UNE – EN 407: 2005



Two sizes in  7 in two references of  390mm and 470mm that addapts optimaly to the elbo.