Urine bag




Sterile urine bag of 5,000 ml of capacity with vertical drain and non-return valve.


Medical PVC bag with a capacity of 5,000 ml with measuring scale readable screenprinted.

Anti-backflow valve, transparent foil on the front and the back face opaque.

Transparent bag with minimal light absorption.

With double gripper or clamp to prevent reflux.

Sampling device for needless injection point to disinfect.

Own fixing system to place the support.

Vertical emptying valve, easy and more hygienic handling. Security evacuation system at closing.

Latex free and DEHP.

Protective cover of the connection in the drainpipe.

Drain pipe of transparent plastic polymer flexible and unbendable, anti-collapse striated.

Available with drainage pear.


Class I sterile product.

ISO 13845 certificate.

CE marked according to European Directive 93/42 / ECC.

Notified Body: TÜV Rheinland LGA Products GmbH 0197

  Used materials

Fluid reservoir bag:


Thickness: 0,325mm


1- Material: polypropylene (PP)

2- Thickness: 1,88mm


Pour tube 1-

Material Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) Flexible, free of DEHP.

Outside Diameter: 10,00mm

Inner Diameter: 7.00 mm

2- fluid intake tube

Material: flexible PVC, DEHP free.

Outside Diameter: 10,00mm

Inner Diameter: 7.00 mm

Caps or unions:

Of different shapes and colors

Material: ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene)


In stabilizing these plastic materials NEVER HEAVY (lead type) but slight (Calcium-Zinc type) are used


Sterile individual bag, in vending boxes of 15 units.

Transport box 15 with 3 boxes inside.


Process: Ethylene oxide (EO)

Condition: 5 Years from date of sterilization. Sterilized.


Store in a dry place, avoid direct sunlight, extreme temperatures and high humidity.